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add date column to a grade report

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add date column to a grade report

Hi im new in this and i need to setup in this grade report the date of test i dont know sql hope you can help me if i add the date filter doesnt work so i dont know if there is a chance to ad a column call date and show the the date of the final grade  thank you very much


SELECT u.username AS 'Nomina' , u.firstname AS 'Nombre' , u.lastname AS 'Apellido', u.institution AS 'Centro' , c.fullname AS 'Campaña', CASE WHEN gi.itemtype = 'Course' THEN c.fullname + ' Course Total' ELSE gi.itemname END AS 'Examen', ROUND(gg.finalgrade,2) AS Calificacion,ROUND(gg.rawgrademax,2) AS Max, ROUND(gg.finalgrade / gg.rawgrademax * 100 ,2) AS Porcentaje, IF (ROUND(gg.finalgrade / gg.rawgrademax * 100 ,2) > 79,'Yes' , 'No') AS Pass FROM prefix_course AS c JOIN prefix_context AS ctx ON = ctx.instanceid JOIN prefix_role_assignments AS ra ON ra.contextid = JOIN prefix_user AS u ON = ra.userid JOIN prefix_grade_grades AS gg ON gg.userid = JOIN prefix_grade_items AS gi ON = gg.itemid JOIN prefix_course_categories AS cc ON = c.category WHERE gi.courseid = AND gi.itemname != 'Attendance' ORDER BY `Nombre` ASC

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Re: add date column to a grade report

I have added a bug report that may be relevant to your issue:


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