Rocket Theme 2012122100 - moodle 2.2.7

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Rocket Theme 2012122100 - moodle 2.2.7

Hi Guys,

I have downloaded this beautiful theme apart from a few minor things which I was able to resolve by reading the forums everything is well other than the fact I do not have a login section?!

See image below but basically there isn't a login area on the right. I have changed the theme and it appears in the header but going back all is lost - can some please help?

Really appreciate any help you can offer thanks sarah x

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Julian Ridden
Re: Rocket Theme 2012122100 - moodle 2.2.7
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The theme is designed to either use the login block or the force login setting in moodle admin.

On the homepage, add the login block and put it on the top of the left column. This should then work the way you want.


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