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video embedding

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video embedding


i'm using moodle 2.2.3

i have some videos and i want to embed this videos in moodle pages.

i convert videos to FLV format and configure mutliplayer filter  ON in moodle.

when i add video like a file, moodle try to replace flowplayer. this is  good but there are some problems. flowplayer don't work suitable all web browsers. a lot of student have complaint about played videos. ( only a blank box show in player)

my questions;

1) which format is best for videos (flv, mp4..?)

2) which embed way is best solution for minimal problems play videos.

thanks for your helps.

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Re: video embedding
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To answer your question #1, I think that mp4s, in general, are best.  FLV files offer just a few features over mp4's when combined with Flash, but mp4s are now becoming the defacto standard on the Internet.  I used to use FLVs around two years ago because they provided a good balance between compressed size and quality, but now I use mp4's exclusively.

I don't embed videos into Moodle, but this is just my own preference.  Since videos can be big, if embedded into Moodle, I would have to worry about the size of moodledata and also the size of backup files.  So instead, I keep them outside of my Moodle.  This also gives me a little more flexibility, like this example (click on this link).  This example is also using mp4s.


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Re: video embedding
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The correct format will depend on your target audience, unfortunately. You may end up needing multiple formats. FLV and H.264 are likely. The latter if you need iOS compatibility certainly.

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Re: video embedding

The best solution is to send the video to Youtube and embed it from there

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