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URL/Repositories Issue

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Re: URL/Repositories Issue
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Hi Ralf,

Which repositories do you have enabled on your site? I just tried adding a URL resource to a course on and had Flickr, YouTube, Wikimedia, Dropbox and Picasa listed as repositories in the file picker.

One thing to note is that the repositories listed in the file picker depend which ones have been enabled by the administrator and also on the context in which you access the file picker (from the documentation File picker).

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Re: URL/Repositories Issue

Hello Helen!

I have the following repositories listed as "Enabled and visible" under the Manage repositories page:

  • Server files
  • Recent files
  • Upload a file
  • Private files
  • File system

The File system repository has the following settings:

  • 2 site-wide common instances
  • 2 course-wide common instances
  • 0 user private instances

I should have mentioned that I am using v 2.4.1 in my earlier post. 

I will review the File picker documentation more closely.  As I stated, it is the one aspect of the new Moodle (I have been a convert since v 1.5) that I can not seem to get my head around.

Many thanks


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Mary Cooch
Re: URL/Repositories Issue
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Hi Ralph. If you are using the URL option then I think you need to have website-repositories like Flickr or Wikimedia enabled, as Helen suggests, because they are places you can "choose a link" from. If you want to display files from the repositories you mention in your post then you would select the "file" option.

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Re: URL/Repositories Issue

Hi Mary,

Thanks.  I was able enable Wikimedia and that worked, so now I have a better understanding of that function. 

I think you are right, what I am really trying to do is use the File Resource, and I need to get my head around the whole Repository system.

What I am trying to do is upload zipped files which contain an e-book.  I also need to address the restrictions on upload file size restrictions.

Thanks for the direction.  I will keep pushing forward.


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Re: URL/Repositories Issue

Mary & Helen,

First, thanks for the help.  I tried using the file resouce rather then the url.  I uploaded my files (a group of files I use for the my e-book that is displayed using flash).  I succesfully use the file rescourse to find the index.hmtl file in the folider.  When I click on the file link in the classroom this is what I get:

I do have the flash player installed in the web browser (chrome).  Not sure what to make of this.



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