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MoodleRoom's proposed Outcomes changes

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As you can see in the thread, our technical guys have made huge progress on the tech spec side, and we are getting closer to really starting the coding.  During the tech review, we uncovered some possible issues, and so we have refined the functional specification with a number of changes.  Some of these were do to technical constraints (reporting against Completion, rather than against activity, so as not to have performance problems on the logs), and others were do to actually working through some use cases technically (after a review of a lot of the various state standards, their XML, and the nesting requirements, we made some changes to the format of an outcome set and how they are nested).  I still have a few more changes, which I'm hoping to get in before the Developer meeting tonight, but I thought I would post now, so that anyone who is going to the developer meeting tonight could have time to review before then, if they are interested.  




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