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MoodleRoom's proposed Outcomes changes

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Re: MoodleRoom's proposed Outcomes changes

That's exactly how I use it Davo except that we only have one BTEC unit per Moodle course so it is more manageable.  However, it is still difficult to spot a final grade in a unit so your point is a good one. 

The point you made in passing about potentially a criterion appearing in more than one assignment is also a good one and might arise in at least two possible situations and I only thought of one originally:

  1. when a criterion cannot be met in one assignment as I mentioned in my earlier post
  2. where a student might be given more than one opportunity at a criterion

The second may not normally occur but in the UK I see it in the near future.  We are moving towards each student having an individual learning plan which meets their particular needs.  This, in theory, would mean that a student could choose between a range of tasks to meet a criterion.  Any one of those outcomes met would mean they had also met the criterion.

Hope that made sense my current group is a bit loud!

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Re: MoodleRoom's proposed Outcomes changes
Plugin developers

Martin/Davo - I wanted to follow up on the conversation around BTEC support.  Marcus Green created a BTEC advanced grading method (discussed here) that could be used in combination with BTEC Outcomes.  In this case, the relevant criteria for BTEC would be created within the advanced grading form and mapped to the corresponding Outcome.  The mapping could occur in more than one activity, which would handle when a student is given more than one attempt to satisfy a criterion.  A custom  BTEC recommendation plugin could assist instructors in marking the student's achivement of outcomes in the Instructor Student Completion Marking.  Once met, the student would carry the outcome achievement site-wide, and the data could be used for custom BTEC reporting if the out-of-box reports didn't satisfy your requirements.  The approach would only work for modules that support Advanced Grading Methods (currently only assignment), but certainly could be more useful as adoption for advanced grading increases.  

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