Taking Quiz Hides Quiz in Grade Book

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Re: Taking Quiz Hides Quiz in Grade Book
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The quiz has its own settings for whether the grade for that quiz is visible. The gradebook setting is synchronised to the quiz one.

Given that is the case, the gradebook should not offer the option to manually show/hide the grade, and that was fixed in Moodle 2.2.5.

This bug explains the details quite well, if you want to wade through it.

Even so, the current situation is not ideal.

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Re: Taking Quiz Hides Quiz in Grade Book

Thanks for responding Tim. We are running 2.2.2. The situation is that no settings for the quiz or the gradebook are set to hidden. The quizzes are shown to all students but after a student takes a quiz in this particular course, it becomes hidden in the gradebook but not in the course lesson. This is only happening in certain courses. In most courses taking a quiz does not hide the quiz in the gradebook. We are perplexed.  Rico