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Course Completion Tracker


My name is Kunal and I work with Deloitte Consulting. We are planning to propose to our client to use Moodle as the Learning Management System.

I have few questions: 

1. Do we have Course Completion tracker in the current version of Moodle. So if the user fails in the course, the tracker should report this. So some sort of passing percentage..So basically the contents of the course should be vailated against the correct answer and decide whether the person is passed or not.

So it is not just taking the course and marking it complete. It is validating the answers against the correct answers.

2. Do we have quiz tracker wherein, if the person fails to pass in quiz, it should report accordingly.

These are the 2 important requirement to the client. Could you please help solve answer my questions.


Thanks so much,


Senior Consultant.



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Re: Course Completion Tracker
Core developers

Hi Kunal,

Rather than Course Completion, I think you need to be looking at the gradebook. The gradebook records course pass and fail values, where as Course Completion only tracks if a user has completed the mandatory parts of a course -- there is no percentage, no "fail" in Course Completion.

Hope this helps,

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