Resetting quiz attempt deleted student's other marks in gradebook

Resetting quiz attempt deleted student's other marks in gradebook

I have a perplexing problem today.

A teacher deleted a student's quiz attempt and now all the marks for all the assignments for that student are gone from the Gradebook.

Additional details:

  • Moodle v2.2.6, mySQL
  • I consider the teacher to be reasonably techno-savvy
  • The student started the initial Quiz attempt and apparently lost access part-way through. The teacher deleted the incompleted attempt.
  • The marks for other students in the same class are present in the Gradebook
  • The marks for this particular student are still present from the assignments
  • The Gradebook entries for this student are not locked or otherwise over-ridden
  • The mark for the this student's second attempt at the quiz IS in the Gradebook
  • I'm unable to reproduce the problem

Is it possible (is there a function/feature/option/setting built in to Moodle somewhere) which would allow marks to be dropped from the Gradebook and retained in the assignment? I guess I'm asking if it's possible the teacher triggered this action by accident.

Or does this sound like a bug anyone has heard of before? A cursory scan through the Tracker was unsuccessful.

I suppose the work-around is to manually transfer the marks from the assignments into the Gradebook.

But I'd sure like to figure out what happened; and the teacher is now reluctant to delete any more quiz attempts...

Edited to Add: One more tidbit -- I've just realized that ALL the other marks in the Gradebook are for quizzes. There are no file upload, offline, etc assignment types. New work-around: have the teacher visit each quiz and regrade selected (that student) attempts.

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Re: Resetting quiz attempt deleted student's other marks in gradebook
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Very odd. It is certainly a bug, but this is the first time I have heard of a bug like this. Also, I cannot think of a mechanism that would lead to the symptoms you saw just from deleting one quiz attempt, but obviously it did happen.