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2.3.3 - Quizzes not showing for a professor

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2.3.3 - Quizzes not showing for a professor

I imported the quizzes from one class to another. If I go into the class as an admin user and look at the question bank, I see all of the quiz questions. However, if a professor goes into that class, he cannot see any questions, and the questions/categories do not appear in the dropdown menu. I checked all of the professor's permissions for questions, and they are all set to "Yes." Anybody experienced this before?



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Re: 2.3.3 - Quizzes not showing for a professor
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If you haven't done so before, I would go and make a cup of coffee, then site down and read this (and the 'see also' pages probably)...

Question_permissions_explained_with_diagrams might help, or get you nearer. Let us know wink

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