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Integration round 2013-01-18 - Happy new year!

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2013-01-18 - Happy new year!
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Cold numbers:

90 issues have been successfully integrated with 9 rejected. That is 83% success, hurrah!

Since the last update, 547 issues were integrated, CVS was finally retired and Moodle 2.4 was released on schedule! Apologies for the interuption in service, we were kept busy!


We welcome a new member to the integration team - Damyon Wiese, who will be rejecting an issue near you soon! wink

At the most recent integration team meeting we agreed to move towards a stricter policy on backports. We want to be more consistent and reduce uncessary regressions. In the general case, only bugfixes will be backported to stable branches, new features and improvements will not unless discussed and voted by integrators.

We politely request the help of developers on testing days by ensuring they pay attention to their isuses in integration. If an issue enters 'problem during testing' then we will either need to revert the changes, clarify with the tester or integrate a new fix for the problem reported. It is extremely helpful if the issue assignee makes absolutely clear on the tracker issue what needs to be done so the integration team do not need to chase them. This will help prevent the integration cycle running too long.

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Warm thanks:

  • To Frédéric Massart, for providing outstanding peer reviews, MDK and Raspberry pi transportation, thanks!

Ciao! Dan

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