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Best option for multi-site authenication


I'm looking at using Moodle to replace two systems we are currenly using. One is a set of online courses with was originally developed in Dreamweaver. The other is a social networking platform for the community services industry in Queensland, Australia which we have outsourced to a third party.

I think both system would work fine in Moodle but they are sufficently different to require separate sites.

However, to keep things as easy as possible for my users, I'd like to have a single sign on and common profiles across the two sites.

What would be the best way to achieve this? I've read that you can set the second site to authenicate against an external database which is the first site. I've also seen that MNet is an option. Or would it be better to set up an LDAP server and have both sites authenticate against it?

Or should I just use one site for both applications?




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Re: Best option for multi-site authenication
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Yes - those are probably the two usual choices.

If you have an LDAP server or don't mind setting one up then that's probably the way I would go. However, if it's new to you, LDAP is far from trivial to set up and you're likely to be in for some frustration.

If you just want Moodle to administer your user accounts and share them between sites then MNet seems sensible.

Do bear in mind that there's a lot you can do with Course Categories, Category themes and the like to make a single site suit multiple users,

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Re: Best option for multi-site authenication

ok thanks Howard - I'll give the one site - two themes option some thought.


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