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How to find out what plugins were installed in a previous version

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How to find out what plugins were installed in a previous version

A clever group of students set up a Moodle 2.0 for us a year or so ago. They customised a theme and added in some plugins, all thoroughly researched and recommended. Then "life happened" and the Moodle was left until now to get some TLC and content...

In my haste to upgrade to 2.4, I didn't record what plugins had been added in the previous version. Silly me, I thought they'd just be in a "plugins" folder or something like that.

Is there an (easy) way of discovering what plugins were in the previous install? As per the upgrade instructions, the previous Moodle folder was re-named rather than installing the new one on top and so it's still all there, I just don't know where to look.

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Re: How to find out what plugins were installed in a previous version
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Did the 2.4.x upgrade complain about any mods/blocks missing during the upgrade?  Those missing were the add-ons.

If one is talking about what one would see in the drop down (or now popup) activities and resources menu, those can be found in


folders/directory there are named fairly closely for the activity one sees in the Moodle UI.

Example of a stock 2.4.1 (no addons):

[root@sos moodle24]# ls mod
assign      choice    forum       label   quiz        survey       workshop
assignment  data      glossary    lesson  README.txt  upgrade.txt
book        feedback  imscp       lti     resource    url
chat        folder    index.html  page    scorm       wiki

for blocks (add a block in Moodle UI), look in moodle.back/blocks/

Example of a stock 2.4.1 blocks directory:

[root@sos moodle24]# ls blocks
activity_modules   completionstatus  index.html             online_users     settings
admin_bookmarks    course_list       login                  participants     site_main_menu
blog_menu          course_overview   mentees                private_files    social_activities
blog_recent        course_summary    messages               quiz_results     tag_flickr
blog_tags          dock.js           mnet_hosts             recent_activity  tags
calendar_month     edit_form.php     moodleblock.class.php  rss_client       tag_youtube
calendar_upcoming  feedback          myprofile              search_forums    upgrade.txt
comments           glossary_random   navigation             section_links
community          html              news_items             selfcompletion

But, there are other types of addons ... filters, assignment types off the top of this feeble brain.

There's a database way if you load up a previous backup of the DB into a DB named not to clash with current active DB.  But one ends up comparing something stock there too!

'spirit of sharing', Ken


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