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We host it all in Moodle but I think it depends on how much video/audio and how many students accessing it at peak times. Streaming servers are good for long a/v, and for when students may need to leap forward (and back) over that audio. But generally file based streaming (progressive download is the term) is adequate for most cases.

It is also worth looking at hosting Video in a Vimeo Plus account  and audio in SoundCloud, if your Moodle sites are accessed over the internet.

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"progressive download" - yes, mental blank.

I think it covers 99% of situations. Also +1 for 'cloud' based hosting. You can save yourself a mountain of trouble if you are able to stick your stuff on YouTube. I appreciate that intelectual property considerations may prevent this.

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Gordon McLeod
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Our staff & students have been making increasing use of YouTube for both Moode & Mahara. My advice to them is always to set the file as unlisted so that users can't find it just by randomly searching google or youtube. You can alternatively set things as private - but that's more of a pain eg setting up passwords that must be used before people can view the content.

I'm also currently testing linking SoundCloud as a repository for Moodle & Mahara for use with audio files.

Regards, Gordon.

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