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Re: Block or Theme

Hey Jitendra,

You did an awesome job.

I think my boss wants me to be a person like you who knows how to create local plugin and make heavy customization on Moodle.

That being said, can I ask one thing? What is the best way to become a developer for Moodle like you? I do know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and basic PHP stuffs. But if my boss asks me to create a certain additional function on Moodle, I dont know where to start.

Could you share your advice, experience, tips or any resources to learn the skills you have?


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Re: Block or Theme


To start the moodle development best place is moodle documentation, find the specific API (  and look at already created plugin.

Learn from others code and create your custom code.

Thanks & Regards,

Jitendra Gaur

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