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Re: Will Nanogong have to adapt from Java to another platform?
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Hi Sebastien,

Assuming you're not still stuck on Moodle 1.9, you might like to take a look at my Record Audio repository (also linked in my previous post in this thread), which uses the same Flash recorder which I originally built for the Online Audio assignment.  It allows you to record audio directly into Moodle anywhere that a file can be chosen (including in the WYSIWYG editor, via either the "insert/edit link" or "insert Moodle media" button).  Combined with the standard multimedia plugins filter, you can use it to embed audio snippets pretty much anywhere in Moodle.

I've never actually used Nanogong, so I'm not sure whether this combination (Record Audio repository + Multimedia plugins filter + Online Audio assignment) covers the full functionality of Nanogong - if not, I'd be interested to hear what additional functionality Nanogong provides (though I can't promise that I'll be adding it to my plugin(s) any time soon).


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Re: Will Nanogong have to adapt from Java to another platform?

Hi Paul

That looks very promising. I wish such a combination existed 9 months ago (or that I had known about it) when we were looking for a solution for Moodle 2.

We put a lot of effort to remake our activities using Nanogong in Moodle 2, so the Flash option is no more practicable to us. But I hope this solution evolves towards maturity and integration over time sothat it may adress online language teaching needs for other users (or for us in the future).


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