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Equivalent to MaxKeepAliveRequests in Windows IIS7

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Equivalent to MaxKeepAliveRequests in Windows IIS7

Dear moodlers,

I used to be an Ubuntu-happy educational technologist who is now in charge of a Windows Server 2008-IIS7 Moodle site, so I would like to ask for your advice about the following:

We have a small size site, but we are experiencing unnecesarilly delays of 2s or so everytime that Moodle a page/resource or course is loaded in a browser.

From the different possibilities that I am pondering on, I would like to limit the number of request in 'MaxKeepAliveRequests', but my understanding is that , in Windows, the equivalent concept to the former is 'allowKeepAlive', which should be set to false in order to disable the persisten conections.

Is this correct or is there any other way to set the maximum number of opened requests .

I am not also sure about what is the best way of disable allowKeepAlive for my Moodle site:

Would it be OK to just add the following lines to my web.config file?:


Or is it better to use the command appcmd.exe for that.

I understand that appcmd.exe is not added by default to the PATH variable, so what will the right way of calling the command and from which folder of the Windows OS shell ?


Thank you very much for your advice.


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Re: Equivalent to MaxKeepAliveRequests in Windows IIS7
Particularly helpful Moodlers

Look at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc772183(WS.10).aspx for details of the HTTP Keep-Alive Response Header:

"The HTTP keep-alive response header improves Web server performance by keeping a client/server connection open across multiple requests to the server. The open connection improves performance when a client makes multiple requests for Web page content, because the server can return the content for each request more quickly. Otherwise, the server has to open a new connection for every request. By default, the HTTP keep-alive response header is enabled in IIS 7."

Try it, but I'm not certain it will solve your 2s delay problem.

Do you have a PHP accelerator installed, such as WinCache or APC?

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Re: Equivalent to MaxKeepAliveRequests in Windows IIS7

Thanks for the suggestion, Luis.

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