Admin/Teacher overview of - Grade to pass

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Admin/Teacher overview of - Grade to pass

Running Moodle ver 2.4+

I find it difficult to get an overview of the defined Grades to Pass on individual Activities.
I have only found the following to show/change it on the indvidual Activity for admin:

Grade administration -> Categories and Items - > Full View -> Edit Activity , and here it is possible to see/set the "Grade to pass".

Is there a way to get an overview, instead editing the individual Activities ?


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Re: Admin/Teacher overview of - Grade to pass
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To my knowledge there is no way of finding this without editing each item.  You can run a query on the database - we use ad-hoc database queries which allows you to query the database via the web interface.  This query would look similar to this (where '999' is the ID of the course in question).  You could add extra columns but this gives your the grade item name, if it is manual or from a module, the module type (eg assignment) if a module and the grade to pass if configured (it will show 0.00 if nothing is configured).

select itemname, itemtype, itemmodule, gradepass
from {grade_items}
where courseid=999

I hope this helps