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I'm a Moodle 2.2.2 administrator and would like to add some new questions to an already attempted quiz without the existing quiz attempt results being lost. Is there any way this can be done?

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Hi John

To my knowledge, you cannot add questions to a quiz that has existing attempts.  You can alter the grade for one or more questions and regrade the attempts but if you need new questions added I suggest either removing the attempts, creating a new quiz with the extra questions (which you can add to a grade category to add together) or create a completely new quiz that everyone has to take again saying the initial one was a practice smile

This makes sense really, it would be unfair to have some students attempt a quiz with 6 questions and have others attempt a quiz with 10 questions as they would be able to get more points.

You may find some answers in the Quiz module forum (this is specifically for Quiz related questions).  The Quiz FAQ may also contain other useful information for you.

I hope this helps


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Re: Quizes
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You might consider duplicating the quiz, adding the questions, then hiding the first quiz, or deleting it.

You must decide what to do with the graded from the first quiz, won't you?

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