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Editing the log file (2.2.4+)

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Editing the log file (2.2.4+)

If possible I would like to remove all of my own entries in the log file.
If not possible, can I prevent future entries of mine from being entered?
Can I show all except mine?


I have a log of almost 12000 records on 120 pages. 3/4 of which are mine and the course has not even started yet.  Apparently there are 91 entries just from today that have my name on them.

This is the first time I have looked at these records and, aside from a few filtering options at the top, wonder how anyone makes any sense of them.

Is this WYSIWYG or are there other options?



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Re: Editing the log file (2.2.4+)
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Moodle logs every click for all users.   The only way I know to delete a log record is to remove them from the mdl_log table in the database.  If you are the site admin, you are user 2.  Search the table for 2 in the user field, and you can delete the entry.  The size of your log table is pretty small right now.  We only keep logs for 365 days, and right now, my site has 154000.  My site is only a medium size Moodle (27,000 users).

I am curious as to why you want your own logs removed.  I find the logging in Moodle very helpful.  It often provides proof when students are not telling the truth about completing something (like the computer erased my quiz).  I like my logs to be there so my boss can see how hard I work.

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