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Moodle flavour for development

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Moodle flavour for development
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I've created a flavours package for Moodle development: Debug to max level, cache disabled, the codechecker and phpDoc checker plugins and other useful settings for development. You can download it here:
One of the Moodle flavours objectives was to let people share their flavours, so you can easily install a "Moodle for schools" with a flavour which contains a bunch of plugins for kids learning or new administrators can benefit from other's experience using a package created by an experienced administrator; a few months ago Mark Aberdour remembered me that idea and this is the first step.
Feel free to add flavours you'd like to share. The flavours plugin has been updated and now is available from Moodle 2.1 onwards including Moodle 2.4. (BTW I've solved a couple of regressions that I introduced so please update to the latests versions of the plugin)
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- Development documentation:
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Re: Moodle flavour for development
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Would it be useful to have a "flavours" category in the plugins database so that there is a central place for people to share their flavours?  Or if not the plugins database, some other central location.

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Re: Moodle flavour for development
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My +1 for a flavours category in the plugins database. 

I've been promising for ages to (but never getting round to) write a flavour for using Moodle to host open courseware and that would be the perfect way to share it.

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Re: Moodle flavour for development
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I would hold on with creation of the new category - we have so many of them already...

It can always be put into "other" and we can always request new category, if (and when) it turns out that we have few flavours added there.


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