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Hot Pot


Im try to upload a HotPot masher file to moodle, but ita not work and show error:

Debug info:
Error code: missingsourcetype
Stack trace:
  • line 998 of /mod/hotpot/locallib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 1142 of /mod/hotpot/locallib.php: call to hotpot->get_source()
  • line 1304 of /mod/hotpot/locallib.php: call to hotpot->get_outputformat()
  • line 72 of /mod/hotpot/attempt.php: call to hotpot->get_attempt_renderer_subtype()

Please help me find out a problem!

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Re: Hot Pot

Hi Dace,

The Masher itself is not needed in Moodle which provides it's own methods of navigation. You can upload the individual exercise files you've created with the Masher.



PS: If you have more questions, please say which version of Moodle you're using and whether you're using QuizPort, the HotPot Module, TaskChain or something else.

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Re: Hot Pot

I Use HotPot module and 2.3+ Moodle.

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