Layout for grade report view please help!

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Layout for grade report view please help!

Dear all,

This is not only i have problem but all the lecturer in my university have the same problem when they want to
make some score to their student.

And this is the problem ... you can see from first screen shot.

You can see red circle that is the list of the name of the student in grade page and the position bar page is at the first.
Now we want to find the score the page must scroll to the left will be look like this picture :

Now look this page when i wanna put score i cannot see the student name , where is that the student name was gone
i can slide to the left again but there is so many field .... How i can modified this layout page ????

Please help me so i can still see the student name and the page can be slide after the name column.

Please help us on be half 100 teacher in my campus.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Layout for grade report view please help!
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In Admin, go to Gradebook, Report Settings, Grader Report and check Static Students Column.  That will fix it for you.

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Re: Layout for grade report view please help!

Wow, Mrs Emma ...

Your help was awesome 

Many Thanks to you , GBU