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DragMath display and Moodle Lessons...

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Re: DragMath display and Moodle Lessons...

Marc, thanks so much for your answer. I am very unfamiliar with DragMath and TeX both quite frankly. In the example I provided, the teacher was wanting the math information to appear in propery fraction format 6/20 (with correct sub- and super- script placement). Her statement was written as *feedback* to the question and she used the DragMath icon to write the correct answer, but Moodle displays it as I showed in the screen shot. She wants the feedback to properly display the math fractions.  DragMath works just find displaying math formulas/symbols within the question itself, just not within the feedback for the question. 

I will review the forum discussion you posted to try and gain more insight. Thank you for your time!

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