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Sending and receiving messages

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Sending and receiving messages

Hi everybody!

I just begann programming plugins for Moodle and I have a question regarding sending and receiving messages.

What I have to programm is basicly a form where Users can input data and upon clicking send, a message with the inputed Data has to be sent to another user, who has to confirm the content. Upon confirmation the data is sent via Mail to a specific person.

So, I created an activity with a form to input the data, which was fortunately pretty easy, but I am not sure of how to transfere this data to another user via moodle. I guess I have to use the send_message function but how can I catch the message for the second users, so he can confirm the content?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Sending and receiving messages

what you mean by "catch the message" ? 

Have a look at message/lib.php, that might help.


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