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Notification possibilities

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Notification possibilities

Have struggled a lot to find the possibilities to send notifications to students, teachers aso.

Moodle 2.4+ running on hosted Windows 2012 server.
All students have configured the profiles with checkmarks in “Send mail” on the configuration-page.

I’m trying or have solved to get the following notifications to work :

1)      Forum topics

2)      Manual messaging Students and Teachers

3)      Self- and manual enrolmet to Courses

4)      Quiz due notifications

5)      Other possibilities

Ad 1) Forum Topics
Notifications on new Forum Topics seems to work. Users get mails, and the cron-job seems to send out the mails. So the email-functions seems to work.

Ad 2) Manual messaging Students and Teachers
Sending out messages via the Students view in Courses also seems to work fine, when cron-job is running.

Ad 3) Self- and manual enrolmet to Courses
This doesn’t seem to work at all. Nothing seems to happen in the cron-job. Hope someone can advice me how to test further

Ad 4) Quiz due notifications
The cronjob says that notifications will be send next day at 6AM. Cron-jobs after this schedule says tha due-notifications are already sent. No one are receiving mails concerning due-notifications. Hope someone can advice me how to test further.

Ad 5) Other possibilities
There are a lot of possibilities on the users profile-page to get notifications, but how are these notification possibilities enabled in Moodle ? Hope someone can give me a hint to a Guide or something else. At the moment I havn’t been able to find it in the Doc.

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Re: Notification possibilities

Really no-one who can help me just a little bit ?

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Re: Notification possibilities
Particularly helpful Moodlers

I am not an expert at these things, but I think that your numbers #3, #4, and #5 are not built into Moodle yet.  However, I might be wrong and maybe someone else will have some insight.

If you really want #3, #4, and #5 features, have you considered creating a "feature request" in the Moodle Tracker and then encouraging everyone to "vote" for these?

I would not vote for #4, but #3 is a good idea, and who knows what #5 might bring to the table.

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