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New Geogebra plugin

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Re: New Geogebra plugin
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I made a silly error yesterday.  It is indeed possible to load a Geogebra file with javascript from the same server into GeogebraReader.js which is what the Moodle geogebra filter does. I am attaching the script that I made.  It may be included in the footer or an html block, page, etc. where you want geobebra to display as jsxgraph on mobile or other non java devices.

I have tested it on Firefox(Linux/Windows 7) w/ and wo/ java, and Samsumg Galaxy 10.1 on which it works as expected.  It does not seem to work on Chrome/Chromnium browsers with Java disabled.  They just show panels complaining Java disabled. IE 9 seems to still run Geogebra even with java supposedly disabled.

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