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New Course Format - how please to alter section return?

New Course Format - how please to alter section return?

Hi - I am blending the Topics and SingleActivity formats so that the user can progress (when in page per section mode) directly to the activity or resource assuming that only one activity is set.

For example:

Section 0 has a Page 

Section 1 has a Book

Section 2 has a Flash File

Section 3 has a Book and a Page and a Flash File Object.

The navigation for the course is as usual if there is no section number e.g. course/view.php

The navigation for section 0 however is mod/page/view.php?id=xxx

The navigation for section 1 is mod/book/view.php?id=yyy

The navigation for section 2 is mod/file/view.php?id=zzz

And section 3 flips back to course/view?id=aa,section=bbb

However, Book now sets the last chapter url to mod/book/view.php?id=yyy because I extended the course format get_view_url function for my course format to return the mod/book/view.php rather than course/view.php

Is there a way to further alter the section return or extend navigation for the course format so that the entry and exit URLs are different?  In other words, which I complete the book's last chapter I should jump to the next section url, not the current one.

Has anyone tackled this? All help appreciated as it took me all of Christmas and New Years to get this far wink

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Re: New Course Format - how please to alter section return?

A simplier solution would be to add a "go to" link at the bottom of the last book page. No special coding required. The other thing is the things you are mentioning could all be in a single book.

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