Calculating percentage of over all grade

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Calculating percentage of over all grade

I am new to 2.4 and am trying to figure out how to adjust the totals for quizzes. I am looking to make a course meet a specific criteria percentage of the overall score.

Example I have 7 quizzes in one course, their total must be 35% of the total possible score of the course. When in the grade book tools it shows a max score of 100.00. I am unable to reset that to a lower score to meet the goal of 35% of the course total score.

Any help would be great.

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Re: Calculating percentage of over all grade

Happy New Year DeWayne.

I believe the following may be the solution you are seeking.

  1. From the front page of your course, please go to: Settings → Grades → Categories and Items → Simple View.  You will notice that an aggregation method needs to be set for the course and also for each category.
  2. Set the aggregation method for the course to Weighted Mean of Grades.  Set the aggregation method for each category (Quizzes, Assignments, Projects, etc.) to Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.
  3. Notice, that you now have the ability to set the weight - (the percentage) - for each category.


For a wonderful explanation of why each category total reflects the percentage of 100, please watch this brief video on Simple Weighted Mean of grades created by Humboldt State University.

Best wishes to you for a healthy, happy, and successful new year.

Michele Edwards, New York


Re: Calculating percentage of over all grade

Thank you so much, great information. I have been working with this for a long time and have one problem, how do I get the categories? Attached is a screen shot, mine looks different then the one you show. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Re: Calculating percentage of over all grade

Every Time I post a question I seem to find the answer. I found the solution to this.

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Re: Calculating percentage of over all grade

Amazing how that works, no?  (-:

It also happens the longer you stay on hold with a tech support.  You end up answering it on your own.  Sometimes I believe that they deliberately leave you on hold so they don't have to do any work...

I tell my students to send me e-mail message if they have a problem with a programming project and that they should be explicit with their question. Oft times, I get a note telling me that they figured it out just by developing the question....