Matching and HTML in Answers

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Re: Matching and HTML in Answers

Hi Marcus,

I appreciate the response. My problem with using anything outside of the Moodle core question types be it drag and drop or Hot Potatos (as Joseph suggested) is that I am worried that after future upgrades of Moodle these question types will not work without me restarting from scratch. I believe that is what happened after the upgrade to Moodle 2.0 where the question engine underwent a major revision. Plus, you are at the mercy of the maintainer if there is one. If I knew this question type would be added to the core Moodle, I would consider it.



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Re: Matching and HTML in Answers
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You are right to be concerned about the update of contributed questions Tzvi.  I have been making extensive use of the ddmatching question type for several versions of Moodle and there was a gap when it did not work with one version.

I was unaware that it would not work with 2.4 until you asked your question and that is going to make me shy of making that upgrade. I think it is unlikely to be added to the core at any point.

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