Grades out of order

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Re: Grades out of order

To follow up on this, if I'm careful and I create activities one at a time and don't dupe them and don't drag them around, everything is fine. I'll be duping courses later today so we'll see how that goes, but I suspect since each original course is clean it won't be an issue.

But, I think the system needs to be tweaked and that the grades should ALWAYS follow the order of the course itself unless an admin overrides the order on the back end. And then, if you're going to continue to use the IDs that you currently use in the db, moodle needs to be able to reassign the entire table to actually let you re-order things...OR, that ID needs to be dumped and some sort of smart ID that is tied to the course needs to be used instead so that the order of the table doesn't matter.

Hope that makes sense. I'm not a programmer, I just know it was pretty easy to break the grading order and there was no way to fix it in the admin short of starting over.

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Re: Grades out of order

You can change the order of grade items within the gradebook. Go to Categories and items: Simple view, and you will find a list of all your grade items. In the Actions column, click on the arrow key to move an item.

I think the default is to list items in the order they were created - I do agree with you that it would be more useful if they were listed in the order in which they appear in the course.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Grades out of order

Thanks Catheine - very useful

Am I correct in  thinking that every user will have to do this "re-ordering"?


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Re: Grades out of order
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Hi John

Catherine is correct, the grade items are sorted in the order the activity was created.  Teachers can sort the items using the move up/down icon on the Categories & Items screen of the gradebook.

I hope this helps smile

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Re: Grades out of order

I have had the same issue.  The reorder tool doesn't work consistently. 

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Re: Grades out of order

Hi Brian

Here is a issue reported in tracker. You can also vote for it.

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Re: Grades out of order

Thanks Sakshi.  Can you post that link?  I'd love to have a look.