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Moodle tar archives, from where?

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Re: Moodle tar archives, from where?
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Hi Eloy

About the main point, you wrote:
> While we have been redirecting them to sourceforge over the last N years, nothing prevents us to stop redirecting and/or switch to another place in the future.
> But I foresee the ones will remain stable (long time) so, yes, better using them, IMO. And let they decide if any redirect has/has not to happen.

So I'll stick to "wget" in

> I'd recommend to always point/document the URLs as the official ones. is of course mentioned as the primary reference.

Since we are at, could you pl. clarify these two things?
1. Moodle 1.9.19+: Built Weekly. But the last build 14 days 20 hours old?

2. Moodle 1.9.19 9th July 2012. One of the last 1.9 formal releases. The 1.9 branch is very old now and is not being improved except for major security fixes. The core Moodle team will keep working on security fixes until December 2013. See Releases for more info. says:
Bug fixes for general core bugs in 1.9.x has ended June 2011 (3.5 years).
Bug fixes for serious security issues in 1.9.x by Moodle HQ ended June 2012 (4.5 years).
Bug fixes for serious security issues in 1.9.x by Catalyst IT will continue until Dec 2013 (6 years).

There is a difference: HQ until Jun 2012, then Catalyst until Dec 2013 against HQ until Dec 2013.
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