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Moodle, AppleStore and Android Market (Google play)

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Moodle, AppleStore and Android Market (Google play)


I am kind of new on using moodle.I have questions regarding applications.

I would like to developp an application using Moodle but to be sold on Apple store and also on the Android Market (Google play), with my application name and without needed username, school name etc.

More clearly, I would like to upload my application on the Apple store. Then that people buy it (paying like 1€) and directly use it without using any username, password, school name etc.

1- Is it possible to upload an application on Apple Store & Android Market charging 1€/downloads under my application name e.g THEAPP
(I have seen that was, but i wanted to be sure)

2- Is it possible to skip the part "username, password, or website address" and directly shows the home page with courses, quizzes ...? (once the person bought the application)

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


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Re: Moodle, AppleStore and Android Market (Google play)

I would like this also. I have been searching and don't see anything like this.

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Re: Moodle, AppleStore and Android Market (Google play)
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You will always need and username and password for log in the user, maybe in Android you can detect the Google Account linked to the user and perform some type of SSO (if he use the same account in your Moodle installation) 

But, definitively you can't create user-custom installations

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Re: Moodle, AppleStore and Android Market (Google play)
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2 (maybe 3) problems I can see:

1) The point Juan makes

2) Where would the user store the address for the moodle they want to access? I doubt google would add an extra profile field unless there was something (eventually financial) in it for them...

3) What else would your app offer? Surely it's better that anyone who can code contribute towards the official app (that Juan is lead developer for), particularly in terms of making it better at handling quizzes and other core or guest activities (if/when the plugin system that's been proposed is done).

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