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Moodle 2.4 Admin Course Listings

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Moodle 2.4 Admin Course Listings

We just upgraded to 2.4 (Build: 20121214) and as an administrator when I login now I don't see any courses on my homepage, it just tells me how many there are. When instructors or students login though they see their courses. How can I get my courses back that I teach on my main page?

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James Richardson
Re: Moodle 2.4 Admin Course Listings

Hello G. A. Dietrich!

It appears the Frontpage Settings for the administrator was messed up when your version was upgraded. Try going to the Front page settings > Edit settings section in the Settings section as an administrator and changing the Front page items when logged in to a different selection. Save it and then change it back. This should reset the setting to what you had before the version change. If you need more info on how to change the frontpage settings, please see my article on customizing the front page appearance. It touches on  this process.

Also, on the Front page settings > Edit settings make sure the Default frontpage role is set to all authenticated users. Its possible the front page is not recognizing you as an authenticated user. Changing the settings and then changing them back should reset it the way you had it. Hope this helps.


James R

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