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AJAX drag&drop Resources in 2.3.3 and database errors

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AJAX drag&drop Resources in 2.3.3 and database errors

Just upgraded test server to 2.3 and trying out drag&drop for uploading resources and I keep getting database errors.

example 1:  

Drag and droped a (.zip) file onto course page – all fine.  Clicked delete button and got error writing to database.  Now resource remains on page but any attempt to interact with it results in ‘cannot find record in database’ error.

example 2: 

Created a folder resource from activity picker.  drag & drop uploaded a zip file and unzipped - all fine.  Then tried to delete the original zip file.  The view changed to a folder inside 'files' called 'undefined'.  Going back up a level to 'files' shows zip file plus unzipped folder still sitting there.  This also happens after resoruce has been saved.

am I the only one???

Is my database going to become full of references to non-existent files???

thanks! Carol

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