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Moodle 1.9.19 Frontpage issue

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Moodle 1.9.19 Frontpage issue

Hello: new moodle admin here. My Word editor (font size, bold, insert image etc) bar has disappeared once I had put some information in the body on my Frontpage Settings tab. My crtl key functions don't work either.

Any help would be appreciated. If no help on this can someone please tell me how easy it is to upgrade from 1.9 to 2.0 + using GoDaddy



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Mary Cooch
Re: Moodle 1.9.19 Frontpage issue
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Hello there. Did you copy and paste the words in or did you type them in normally? Sorry I can't help with the upgrade question but if you would like to post a new thread there are a lot of people using GoDaddy who could probably advise. 

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