Gradebook for non-moodle events?

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Gradebook for non-moodle events?

I have long passed over the gradebook module because I thought it could only be used for activities and events that originated in Moodle, but someone recently told me that it can also be used to store attendance data and homework that never touches Moodle's proverbial lips.  Is this true?  I want a gradebook program that will not only do the common things but will also include a photo of the student on their report and will also allow me to include Chinese messages on the report.  Can Moodle do this?

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Re: Gradebook for non-moodle events?
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Yes. You can manually enter grades into the gradebook for activities that have not been done in Moodle and you can also import grades into the gradebook. See Grade_import You can use Chinese if you add the Chinese language pack. I am not sure how you could run a report with student's pictures though but hopefully someone else might see this and give a  more detailed response.

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Re: Gradebook for non-moodle events?

Thanks!  The picture is mostly important to me because so many of my Chinese students have the same English name, and even the same Chinese name.  They each have a unique student ID but a picture would make it easier.

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Re: Gradebook for non-moodle events?

Season’s greetings Tom.

This is such an excellent post – and it is a topic that faculty members ask about frequently during the semester.  So, even though you already have your answer, I hope you won’t mind if I add a line or two here.

I have found the Offline Activity Assignment a great tool for assignments that are submitted by students – but that for various reasons – are not submitted online.  Some examples - for others who might be wondering - are:  assignments involving architectural drawings that are “pinned up” and discussed during class, in-class discussions, quizzes in paper form that were administered and graded offline – and the list goes on.

For those who may be new to the Activity and Resources area, here are the steps for creating the necessary “container” for the offline activity and the steps for grading the activity in Moodle. (These instructions are for version 2.3 – but should work just as well for older versions.)

Steps for Creating the “Non-Moodle” Assignment

  1. While logged into the appropriate Moodle course, click on the Turn Editing On button.
  2. This will display the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. Select the Assignment radio button, and then click on Add.  (For those who see two sets of Assignments or who wish to see detailed instructions on how to fill out the Assignments screen, please review this link for details:
  4. Fill in the name of the activity, e.g. Museum Visit, Sketches, etc.  – and add a description that will serve to let the students know what the assignment involves.
  5. Pay careful attention to the Submission Settings area since it is here that you will indicate no file uploads, no text submissions, and no comments.  Be sure to assign this offline activity to a category.  (This option is in the Grade area of the Assignments screen.  The link included above also explains how to create and use categories.)
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save and Return to Course.

Steps for Grading the “Non-Moodle” Assignment

  1. Back on the Moodle course page, click on the link for the assignment - once you have manually marked the quizzes and/or graded the assignment.
  2. Then, click on View Assignment Grades and Feedback.  Turn on Quick Grading, (this option is located in the Optional Settings area that is below the list of students.)  Assign a grade to each student for the offline activity and remember to click on Save All My Feedback.  And there you have it.  These grades will now be included in the Moodle Gradebook.

Best regards,

Michele Edwards