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Why don't changes in a wiki appear in Recent Changes block

In Recent changes it seems you only see changes in activities that can be graded (quiz, forums, assignments). Changes in wiki's (edited pages) do not appear in Recent changes.

I use 2.2.1 and work with visible groups in the wiki's. The other activities in the course do not use groups. Is this the reason why I do not see them in Recent changes? Or are edits to wiki pages nog "countable"?

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Re: Why don't changes in a wiki appear in Recent Changes block

Hi Isabelle,

At a guess this might be much less to do with a conscious decision not to include wiki posts for whatever reason, and much more to do with the forum module (for example in 2.3.4) having a function forum_get_recent_mod_activity(...), but the wiki having no comparable wiki_get_recent_mod_activity(...)!

Wiki does have a function wiki_print_recent_activity(...)  but this is no longer what is required evidently and changing its name will certainly not be adequate! I too have a vested interest in making this work, so I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

Regards, John

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