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Re: Linking from an image to another resource

Mary suggested embedding the swf files into Moodle Pages and adding the image to the page description to brighten up the course home screen.

I tried that, but found the Page performed in the same way as the Label. I can embed the swf file, but not an htm file with associated swf file and pdf file.

However, I then experimented with adding an image Description to the htm File I had been linking to separately. Provided I remember to tick the box asking for the description to be displayed, it seems to work and I see no reason why it shouldn't keep working when the course is moved. It puts a text title above the image, and students must click on the text title to go to the show, but it does allow me to have images on the course page without having to load all the swf files when the course page is viewed. And while teachers won't know whether students have actually read and understood the shows, at least they'll be able to see if the student has made that first click.

Embedding the swf files in their own html file, rather than directly into a Label or Page, allows students or teachers to view them full screen if they wish.

I would like to be able to display just the Description, and not the title, but then, if we had everything we'd complain that there was nothing to complain about!

Mary also suggested that for my purposes I should be preparing SCORM resources that would load into any LMS and won't have to be rebuilt every time Moodle gets changed. Does anyone on this forum know how one goes about creating SCORM resources outside of Moodle? I'd need some sort of wysisyg editor since I can't write more than the simplest html code.


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Mary Cooch
Re: Linking from an image to another resource
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Hi again. Actually, iSpring that you mentioned do a SCORM creating package that is based on powerpoint and is quite easy to use (I don't work for them btw) Here are some other SCORM making packages -not sure how up to date some of them are though The training centre at my school also did some research last year or the year before on SCORM in Moodle -here's the first post and that leads onto the others

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