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Group Enrolling to a Flash SCORM course

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Group Enrolling to a Flash SCORM course

Hi I am new to moodle. I have created one course in flash using SCORM complaints.

I have installed moodle in my personal pc (I am using moodle 2.2).

I have added some user and I have divided them into 2 groups (Group_1 and Group_2), my intention is to assign this course to Gropu_1 members. I have 10 members in each group.

I try to add the course in moodle, it is asking for the enrollments before uploading the course. There I can abel to enroll only individual user, if I want to enroll the entair group which I have created? is there any posibility please let me know. Any help on the same would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance.



Santhosh Kumar M

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