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Upgrading from 1.9

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Hi Patrick

Looks like you're not enjoying your new job, I mean "Currently running 1.9 .. how should we upgrade"

> Our database was upgraded recently and this has caused our 1.9 site to have quite few problems.

Do you mean "Cannot View Quiz Results .. 1.9" ? But there you said _all of a sudden_ ?

> We are currently running 1.9 and need to either upgrade or run a fresh install of a more recent version.
> Any suggestions?

Same question, same answer.
- Short term, say couple of weeks, but after solving the problems you are having: 1.9.x -> 1.9.latest. See
- Medium term, a year, After thorough testing 1.9 -> 2.2
- Long term, over a year, 2.2 -> 2.4
or 2.6

> Our goal is simply to have as smooth a running site for our teachers for second semester. We don't need bleeding edge technology, but we desperately want reliability.

Conservative? Then 1.9.latest (personal openion).

> We have experience several painful data losses.

Could you post links to those painful discussions?
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