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Blocked yet no blocking found

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Blocked yet no blocking found

So I inherited an existing moodle host, I have been having a strange issue with allowing remote access so users may be able to access the courses from home.

Essentially I am unable to access the page remotely except from one specific network. I assumed that there was an IP blocking issue going on yet there were no entries to be found in the security settings within moodle.

I have checked mysqlremote access in cpanel thinking that may be the culprit yet that does not seem to be the case. I added IPs to be allowed but there is no change. As far as I am aware no one has made any changes to the existing moodle deployment.

The interesting thing is that this network which has always been able to access moodle had a ISP change recently with a change of IPs, yet moodle access has been unaffected.

I have been searching through discussions on the topic and looking through various tables and php config files mentioned looking for anything related but everything points to nothing being explicitly blocked or specifically allowed.

So basically I have a remote host of moodle that only one network can access and I can't figure out how to open it up. Trying from various hotspots or other remote networks just result in a 502 bad gateway but I find nothing explicitly blocking or allowing access.

Any recommendations on what to look into would be greatly appreciated.

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