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Upgrade Script Says No Upgrade Needed

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Re: Upgrade Script Says No Upgrade Needed
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Yes, that does (or should).  The trouble is not necessarily in the code, but in the DB.  The plugins check page is contructed via a combination of reading directories and the DB.  My test of upgrading a 2.3.3 to 2.4 hit a 'presenters' mod that I hadn't copied into the M2.4 code directory.  Thus the plugins check page had 'missing from disk' - but it had all the other parameters (version, etc.).  Had to get that from the database.

Doing a git pull in the 2.3 to get it to the highest would not only get files, but very well could move folders AND update the DB.

If you've had 2.2 and git updated to 2.3 that's where the change was supposedly made - or from what I gather reading that readme.txt file.

At any rate, mod_filter and mod_glossary don't seem to exist in any files I can see.  Has to be in DB ... somewhere ... just wish I knew so we could get you past this point.   Reason I say that ... 2.4 *IS* an improvement over 2.3 speed issues and think you and your students experience would be much better.

Maybe a *true* Moodle Guru would take pity and jump in here! ;)

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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