How to get students to see feedbacks?

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How to get students to see feedbacks?

Our school district is using Moodle 2.3.2+ (Build: 20120920).  One of our teachers is entering Feedback to the students but the students can't read the Feedback.  I have checked for a default setting at the admin level for this and could not find one.  I also checked in this course in the course and grade settings and couldn't find a setting to allow students to see the Feedback.  How can we get the students to see the Feedback entered by the teacher?


Peggy Hinsman

Eugene School District 4J


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Re: How to get students to see feedbacks?

Make sure you have the grades "locked" in the gradebook.  Otherwise, the students cannot see their grade or their feedback.  Open the gradebook, click on categories and items and make sure the grades are locked by looking at the lock icon.