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Problem with 'restricted access'

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Problem with 'restricted access'

Hi all

Im using Moodle 2.3.2+

Im having a slight issue with the lessons function of my moodle.

I have 3 sections: 'beginners', 'intermidiate' and 'advanced'

To view the intermidiate lesson, you must score 100% on the begineers section. There is no problem with this once the user answers all 10 questions correctly they gain access to the intermidate lesson.

My problem is occuring when i then want to gain access to the advanced section once all 9 questions on the intermidate quiz have been answered 100% correctly. It dosent matter if my user does score 100%, the 'advanced' lesson stays greyed out.

Heres a screenshit of my settings on the advanced lesson.

Please note i am very new to this. Do i need to have anything like a gradebook set up? (as i dont currently)

Any help would be much appreciated! 

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Re: Problem with 'restricted access'

Just to further add to this, If i add a new users and they get the test correct first time on the intermdiate test, then the advanced test will be become ungreyed out. 

I still have the problem though with the fact that if they get the test wrong on their first go then retake it and get 100% then the advanced lesson still stays greyed out! Very confused!

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