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Search refactor

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Re: Search refactor
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Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately I am not able to finish the work on Global Search because of the lack of free time. As far as I know there is no ongoing work on that feature by anyone else.


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Re: Search refactor
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My group and I have developed a block that does a search within all course activities/resources. This is not a global search for the site, but at least it does take care of searching inside of courses.

Can be downloaded here:

Search oohoo in the plugins page to find other contributions. (


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Re: Search refactor

Thanks for the update Tomek and for the suggestion Patrick. 

Tomek, how much progress did you make before having to set the project aside? Is there any code yet? 

We're willing to create something in-house if necessary, but would prefer to make it easy-ish for others to setup.

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