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Installing on Linux MInt (novice at linux and moodle)

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Re: Installing on Linux MInt (novice at linux and moodle)
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> one thing at a time is definitely healthier.

Maybe.  Wonder how many post there are in these forums that disclose the fact that sites are running in-secure versions (older)?  And why is that?  Maybe the method of updating (while not that difficult) is still 'long' and that's why many don't update.  That and the fact they are remotely hosted on a shared system without ssh access + their web tool doesn't quite do what needs to be done (which is not our case here). 

Bottom line: can't think of anything simplier than 'git pull' [ENTER].

What part of server administration would one leave out for a beginner?  Some things have a natural sequence ... can't access Apache unless networking is in order ... can't use PHPAdmin until MySQL is running (examples).

> Is it a polite way of saying the version shuffle is a mess?

Nope!  All open source apps have their quirks when it comes to versions/updates/upgrades, etc. ... check out Joomla sometime.

Well aware of the the docs for upgrading ... on same page they do have a Git for Administrators link.  Most of what one sees is commandline.  Hummmmm ... but there is the 'download' just to turn around an 'upload' thang.  Granted Moodle docs should focus on Moodle and try to provide information for the majority (whatever that is).  Still don't see some doc for 'experienced server admins' ... those persons might be pleasantly surprised of how easy it is to use 'wget' - that's server to server copy then.

The real bottom line ... what ever Gerald feels comfortable with.  But, may as well plant some seeds for and provide information for alternate ways of doing things.  They will eventually come in handy as one progresses.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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