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Plugin installation issues

Trying to install the jmail plugin.  Moodle version 2.3.3+ working through cpanel file manager.  Downloaded, uploaded jmail version 1.4 (2011122505).  Extracted the file in the "blocks" folder and deleted the zip file.  All files extracted and the "jmail" folder appears in the blocks subdirectory as expected.  I return to and no notifications.  The block does not appear in the "Add Block" block or in the "Manage Blocks" page in the "site administration" menu.  Any ideas?  It is almost as if Moodle does not know that I added anything to the "blocks" subdirectory.  A cron issue maybe?

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Re: Plugin installation issues
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If there is a folder in the '/blocks' directory called 'jmail', and it contains all of the block files, then it is likely a permissions issue. But if you don't see a 'jmail' directory, then you likely unzipped all of the block's files into the root of your '/blocks' directory instead of a subdirectory named 'jmail'.


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