Grades extract from Moodle 1.9

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Re: Grades extract from Moodle 1.9
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By default, it's at course level - you have to export the gradebook from each course individually.

However, it's possible to write reports which combine gradebooks across courses; I've written one which combines grades from all courses in a category into one spreadsheet, and also one which simply allows one-click download of a zip file containing all of the individual gradebook exports from courses in a chosen category.  Each was for a different purpose, and the combined spreadsheet probably wouldn't be of use to anyone except the department I put it together for - but the zip approach is probably generic enough to be useful.  If you're interested in trying it out, I'm happy to send you a copy (with some brief instructions) - if you find that it works and is useful, maybe I'll consider releasing it more widely (i.e. via the plugins database).


Sue Pickering
Re: Grades extract from Moodle 1.9

Paul, thank you so much for your prompt response, this could be really helpful. If you could share the process that would be much appreacited and we would give feedback on the process.

Please advise if you need server access to run your report, or is it a job that you could access as if accessing a lesson?

The resulting spreadsheet will give us a way oa massaging that data as the back end reprting as you know is non existant, this is a downfall of Moodle in a corporate setting.

Cheers Sue


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Re: Grades extract from Moodle 1.9

We were looking for something similar.  Any chance i can get a peek at your stuff?  Please and thank you smile

Sue Pickering
Re: Grades extract from Moodle 1.9

Thank you, Paul can you please advise how you wrote the reports which combine gradebooks across courses; I am sure it wouls be of value not only to myself up others as well that have contributed to the forum.

Thanks again