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UniSA's Assignment Extensions Module 1.9 -> 2.x

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Re: UniSA's Assignment Extensions Module 1.9 -> 2.x
Well, that was embarrassing!

When I posted my last post I didn't intend to effectively abandon the public version of this, but the past 12 months or so have been crazy at work which is obviously the priority. I was at MoodleMoot AU 2014 just a week ago and I'm excited to get the public version moving again after talking to a lot of passionate Moodle people, particularly in the Higher Ed sector here in Australia.

In the past 12 months though lots of bugs and issues have been fixed, but a few implementation issues remain at this point. Having said that i've got the basics of the system working against 2.8dev now, and I am about to get onto resolving some of the implementation issues i'm not entirely happy about.

What remains here before I would be comfortable announcing this more publically is to take better advantage of the events system when activities are added. There will have to be changes around the place to get this to work.

More details to come.
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Garry Edmonds
Re: UniSA's Assignment Extensions Module 1.9 -> 2.x

Hi James,

We have had an enquiry at our university for a better method of handing assignment extensions and we were referred to this page. Your plugin looks very interesting. Where you able to offer a public version of your plugin?

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